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I am a slave to this, I am a masochist

I'm a sucker for some crooked teeth and a pair of skinny black jeans

16 June 1987
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About Me.
I'm Emily. I'm 23 and just moved to NYC, which was a long time coming. It's cliche but my friends and I all really feel like this is the beginning of the best part of our lives. I live with my friend Ashley and our best friend Eric lives around the corner with his boyfriend, Lance. Completely unplanned, but sometimes life works out that way. I'm originally from a small town in Connecticut and am so glad to finally be out of there. Places like that are poison to people like me. I enjoy gay bars, concerts (even when I have to go by myself), baseball, red wine, sweatpants, gingers, Bravo marathons, vodka, and my record player. And now for some handy bullet points.

I am a:
history geek
sci-fi whore
fag hag (and proud of it)
coffee addict
Apple product enthusiast


Anything else you want to know, just ask. :D

1/29/11-I changed my username from geministargrl16 to atticlibrarian

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